Shell Eco-Marathon Challenge

What is Shell Eco Marathon?

It is a competition run by the Shell company to challenge students from all over the world to design, manufacture, and drive a super-efficient car.

Classes of the competition?

  1. Urban Concept
  2. Prototype

Shell Eco Marathon

Our Cars & Our Team

The aim of the Urban Car is to make it comparable to modern day road cars while the Prototype is given the freedom to take whatever shape is best. These classes are further classified based on their energy type, and that covers Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), Electric vehicles, and Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

For the past few years, Alfaisal University has participated in Shell Eco Marathon Asia with a prototype vehicle that runs on gasoline. Team Alfaisal named the vehicle “Faith”. In 2019, we participated with a Prototype that ran on ethanol as its fuel and also added a gasoline run Urban Concept to our line-up. Our team consists of (highly motivated students and faculty members.)

Shell Eco Marathon

Shell Car Achievements

Shell Eco Marathon

Our team, “Team Alfaisal” was awarded with Perseverance and Spirit of the Event Award in the Shell Eco-marathon Challenge held in Manila in February 2015, due to their outstanding performance in staying in high spirits, overcoming great obstacles, supporting others and showing outstanding endurance, resolve and resourcefulness Abdulmohsin Albabtain, driver and team leader at the time, said, “It’s not all about the competition, but shared knowledge as well. It was all for one and one for all.”

Alfaisal Formula SAE Achievements

Alfaisal team is the first Saudi team to participate in the Formula Student competition.Alfaisal participating team at the 2017 Formula Student competition in Silverstone have received the RaceTechmag Spirit of FS Award.

Formula SAE